Improve Cell Line Bioprocess Development

You are invited to a webinar in which we explain how Phenotype MicroArray™ Technology can help make mammalian cell bioprocess improvement simpler, faster, easier, cheaper, more efficient, and more scientific.

We will briefly cover the fundamental technology and then illustrate the uses and benefits:

  • Metabolically characterize mammalian cell lines and clonal variants
  • Understand how genetic changes affect a cell line
  • Simulate hundreds of culture conditions
  • Determine the key culture variables that affect the process
  • Optimize culture conditions for growth and product yield
  • Optimize the process rapidly to keep to timelines
  • Use it as a QC tool to insure consistency of inoculum cultures
  • Characterize and identify process contaminants

Register for the Webinar!
February 28, 2017 @ 1:00pm EST, 10 am PST

About the Speaker

Barry Bochner, Ph.D.


Your invited to a brief overview on Phenotype MicroArray (PM) technology from dye reporter chemistry to basic workflow and data analysis:

- How the Phenotype MicroArray technology works

- How it can increase phenotyping productivity in your laboratory

- Facilitate your research


We will also discuss common scientific applications including:

- Metabolic phenotypes

- Strain discrimination

- Functional phenomics

- Chemical phenomics

- Metabolic model validation

Barry Bochner is the CEO and CSO and co-founder of Biolog, Inc. He has broad interests in biology ranging from microbial to human cells, with particular emphasis in cell metabolism and physiology. Dr. Bochner has S.B, S. M. degrees in Biology from MIT, a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from University of Michigan, and did postdoctoral work in Biochemistry at University of California, Berkeley.