Phenotype MicroArrays (PM) Applications
Study of Transporters

Join us to see how Phenotype MicroArrays can be applied to understand:

  • Metabolic Substrate Transporters
  • Di- and Tri- Peptide Transporters
  • Multidrug Efflux Pumps

We can also go over some of the basics:

  • Redox Dyes as a Universal Reporter
  • PM Systems Increase Phenotyping Productivity
  • PM Data Facilitates Hypothesis Generation

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April 20, 2016

10am PDT


About our PM Expert

Michael Ziman Ph.D.

Director of PM Services

Your invited to a brief overview on Phenotype MicroArray (PM) technology from dye reporter chemistry to basic workflow and data analysis:

- How the Phenotype MicroArray technology works

- How it can increase phenotyping productivity in your laboratory

- Facilitate your research


We will also discuss common scientific applications including:

- Metabolic phenotypes

- Strain discrimination

- Functional phenomics

- Chemical phenomics

- Metabolic model validation

Michael Ziman is trained in Cell and Molecular Biology.  His professional experience includes Genomics and Microbiology.  Mike's Ph.D. focused on morphogenesis in baker's yeast.  His professional experience includes DNA Microarray technology and data analysis.  He is currently the Director of Biolog's Phenotype MicroArrays technology services.